Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Halloween goodies!

Amazon.com just had a huuuge home & garden sale the other day (Oct. 23rd) and I convinced the boyf to buy my Christmas present then. Yippee yay yay! I'm gonna get a Kitchenaid stand mixer for Christmas! Woohoo! What's even better is that we got it at a great deal! Yeapz, I'm a suckah for great deals. When grocery shopping, I rarely ever get anything that's full price. If it's not on sale or if I don't have a good coupon for it, I don't put it in my cart 95% of the time. I also try to pay attention to the prices being scanned at the cashier because hey, sometimes computers make mistakes! Whenever I tell the cashier about the mistaken price, I always pay the correct labeled price despite getting dirty looks from both the cashier and the person behind me. Bah! They don't pay my bills *winkz*

Anywayz, with the approach of Halloween, I've been inspired to watch scary movies and bake Halloween-themed goodies. This past weekend, I watched the movie "Halloween" on TV. Yep, I've never watched it before and it wasn't too bad for being the first "slasher" movie ever. As with most other horror movies, I get frustrated with the characters' stupidity. For instance, in the movie, the doctor who was looking for the escaped psychotic murderer psychiatric patient Michael Meiyers, was waiting outside Michael's old home believing that he will eventually go there. It took him about 2 hours of standing around doing nothing outside the old house for him to spot the car that Michael stole before escaping the psychiatric ward. Sheesh!

And then, the main character is even worse! Each time she thinks she has killed Michael, she didn't even confirm that he's dead. She would then leave a weapon (the knife) near him and hang around the house instead of going to a neighbour's for help. Sigh~ I suppose if the characters in horror movies weren't that dumb, no one would be killed and the movie wouldn't be that scary any more.

I'll be attending a friend's Halloween party this Saturday and depending on the weather that afternoon, I'm either going apple-picking or watching "Grudge 2" in the theatres. I'm probably going to bake a super fudgy brownie for the party and I might bake a batch of nutella-kiss cookies to bring to work. I've never baked a brownie from scratch since I've always found the boxed mixes to be super cheap and easy. But I've usually had problems with the mixes. It would turn out charred around the sides a lot and it wouldn't result in the fudgy, thick consistency that I want. Maybe it's the mix or maybe I just baked them too long, we'll see. The nutella-kiss cookies were inspired by an episode of "Everyday Italian" that I recently saw on the Food Network. Besides containing the yummy nutella spread, the batter is then dipped in orange sugar (for a festive Halloween feel) and topped with a Hershey's kiss. I'm looking forward to that! I'll definitely take pictures of those cookies!

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