Friday, September 15, 2006

Been around the world... well, England and Indonesia anyway.

Phew, it's just been a few days after retuning from my trip home to Jakarta, Indonesia, and I'm homesick already. Boohoo~ Back to the real world as a lab rat. Anyway, for the past 3 weeks or so, I have travelled to England (to visit my little sis) and Indonesia. Travelling always inspires me to create whether it's in the kitchen or with my knitting needles, etc. It also makes me appreciative of the slot Life has given me, being able to do what I enjoy, being able to travel and encounter other cultures and peoples, being blessed with a loving family and being fortunate enough to be surrounded by people who care. I know, I know. Sappy, right?

The 3 weeks spent away from reality was a much-needed break. My day-to-day life doesn't suck that much because I'm actually enjoying what I do as a grad student and I'm not plagued with anxieties about not having a roof over my head or food on the plate. However, a lot of times, I'm stuck in a routine of only seeing the negatives in life, knowing that there are bad people out there who have nothing better to do than make life difficult for others.

Being away from my normal every-day life allows me to see the beautiful (and delicious) side of life. I encountered kindness from total strangers in a foreign land, whether it's in the form of a simple smile or help with my heavy luggage down a long flight of stairs. I was exposed to the various interesting tidbits of English culture such as the succulent Indian food in London, the different accents and slangs ("biscuits" as opposed to cookies, "dodgy" as opposed to shady or sketchy, "queue" as opposed to line up), and their obsession with tea. Being away from my routine has also re-instilled in me appreciation for my routine, actually. I even enjoy washing my dishes (though I don't think this will last too long, hah!).

I have come back re-energized and ready to do anything and everything. Here's to a better world and I can't wait to set off on my next adventure!

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